Exhibitor Advisory

Warning: International Fairs Directory

Dear SIGGRAPH Asia Exhibitors,

Several exhibitors have informed us about letters / e-mails / calls that they have received from ‘International Fairs Directory’, formerly known as ‘Expo Guide’ asking them to update their contact information in the database. Please ignore the letters / emails / calls if you receive them.

We are strongly advising all exhibitors to be vigilant against organisations such as these, and to simply ignore these letters, emails or calls. You may view an example of the letter here and find out more in this article.

If you had already returned the form, and received the first invoice, we advise you to:

  • Not to pay
  • To send a recorded delivery letter to break up the contract

SIGGRAPH Asia only works with trusted partners who we will introduce to you. We also do not share any exhibitor’s data to any of these companies who do not work for SIGGRAPH Asia.

If you are unsure whether communications are from SIGGRAPH Asia, please do not hesitate to check with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +65 6500 6700.

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