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The 11th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia will take place in Tokyo, Japan at Tokyo International Forum. The annual event, which rotates around the Asian region, attracts the most respected technical and creative people from all over the world who are excited by research, science, art, animation, gaming, interactivity, education and emerging technologies.

We are very excited to have the event back in Japan, for the third time since the start of SIGGRAPH Asia! Computer graphics has constantly been at the forefront of technology development, making significant impacts across the industry by changing the way we think, work, and live. SIGGRAPH Asia has been able to reinvent itself each year, much like its host country, Japan. Mark your calendars in advance and see you in Japan this December!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Conference Chair, Executive Advisor at OLM Digital, Inc. / Director at CMIC, Victoria University of Wellington


Past SIGGRAPH Asia Series of Shows:

SA17 logo

SIGGRAPH Asia 2017
27 – 30 November 2017,
Bangkok, Thailand

SA16 logo

SIGGRAPH Asia 2016
5 – 8 December 2016,
Macao, China

SA15 logo

SIGGRAPH Asia 2015
2 – 5 November 2015,
Kobe, Japan

SA14 logo

SIGGRAPH Asia 2014
3 – 6 December 2014,
Shenzhen, China

SA13 logo

SIGGRAPH Asia 2013
19 – 22 November 2013,
Hong Kong

SA12 logo

SIGGRAPH Asia 2012
28 November – 1 December 2012,

SA11 logo

SIGGRAPH Asia 2011
12 – 15 December 2011,
Hong Kong

SA10 logo

SIGGRAPH Asia 2010
15 – 18 December 2010,
Seoul, South Korea

SA09 logo

SIGGRAPH Asia 2009
16 – 19 December 2009,
Yokohama, Japan

SA08 logo

SIGGRAPH Asia 2008
10 – 13 December 2008,

Future SIGGRAPH Asia Series of Shows:

sa2019 logo

SIGGRAPH Asia 2019
17 – 20 November 2019,
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Brisbane, Australia

SIGGRAPH North America:


12 – 16 August 2018
Vancouver, Canada

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