New Generation Household Robot’s Concept [Includes Closing of SA18 & Opening of SA19 Ceremony]

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Date/Time: Friday, December 7th , 11:00am - 12:45pm
Venue: Hall C (4F, C Block)

Speaker(s): Kaname Hayashi, GROOVE X, Japan

Abstract: To be updated

Speaker Bio: Kaname Hayashi started his career at Toyota Motor and engaged in development project for Toyota’s first supercar “LFA”. He also developed aerodynamic designs of F1 (Formula 1) both in Japan and Germany. After managing development of mass-produced models at Toyota, he joined Masayoshi Son’s Next-Generation Leadership program “Softbank Academia”. He then joined Softbank in 2012 and he was a core member of developing personal robot “Pepper”and founded GrooveX in 2015 and now developing a home robot “LOVOT”. “LOVOT” is planned to be announced at the end of 2018.

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