3D Artist is one of the top publications in the world for bringing practical inspiration to the 3D community. Featuring some of the best artists in the industry, you'll receive behind-the-scenes insights and expert workflows from artists at the top studios around, from Pixar to ILM and Ubisoft.


3D World is one of the leading magazines for artists with an interest in visual effects, motion graphics, modelling and rendering, for any industry, from film and TV, to sculpture, music videos and architecture. 3D World and it's editor Rob Redman, offer practical inspiration to the CG community and the magazine celebrates the very best achievements in CG, through features and training from such studios as ILM, MPC, Framestore, Weta and many more.


The ACM Digital Library (DL) is the most comprehensive research platform available today for computing and information technology. Each year, roughly 20,000 newly published articles from ACM journals, magazines, and newsletters, as well as more than 500 annual conference volumes – representing nearly 20% of the world’s scholarly computing literature – are added to the DL’s complete full-text archive of over 460,000 articles.
Since launching in 1996, Animation World Network - AWN.com- has become one of the largest, most comprehensive and respected publishers of animation and visual effects news and information resources on the Internet. Key publication websites include AnimationWorld Magazine, VFXWorld Magazine and the Animation Flash e-mail newsletter. Each month, AWN’s portals are visited by over 300,000 unique readers from more than 100 countries.


AnimationXpress India Private Limited is one of the world's leading portals for news and information on Animation, VFX, Gaming and Comics industries. It is led by Anil Wanvari, the founder, and editor-in-chief. Through news, features, forums, case studies, analysis, promotions, as well as through online community services such as forums, galleries, etc, AnimationXpress acts as an information facilitator and a knowledge catalyst for the AVGC community.


CGVisual.com is the computer graphics and Interactive technologies community for professionals and enthusiasts in Hong Kong. CG Visual is an ideal marketing platform for various kinds of marketing activities, such as membership recruitment, sales and promotions, contest etc. CG Visual is a bridge built to link and fulfil both the members and marketers’ needs and at the same time achieving a win-win relationship.




DV Asia is an online pro video resource for creatives in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Founded in 2012, DV Asia has been serving global hardware manufacturers and software developers in Asia Pacific region. We connect film/video professionals and manufacturers through variety of events, online and offline.




For the game industry professional or fan, Events for Gamers is the only exclusive calendar featuring the latest show dates and news on worldwide conferences, conventions, and hundreds of other related events. Our team is here for your event interest. For more information, please visit: www.eventsforgamers.com




The goal of InCG Media is to grow the Taiwanese CG community and interact with international marketing. We are a team who love the computer graphics industry, focusing on planning activities and promoting international exchanges. Each season, we publish InCG magazine and look for excellent exclusive interviews with companies and talents. We also arrange international reports on the Internet. We hope that through the efforts, we will enhance the integration of Taiwan and the international market.


VR/AR/MR専門メディア「Mogura VR」はVR/AR/MR、VTuberに関する国内外の情報を早く、正しく、わかりやすくお伝えします。日々のニュースから最新機器の体験レポート、特定の話題を深掘りするインタビューやコラムなどを掲載しています。詳細はWebサイトをご参照ください。


Techsauce is the leading source of all tech and business news in Thailand and Southeast with reliable, insightful news, analysis and opinion pieces. (https://techsauce.co) They also aim to educate, inspire and build networks that create friendly environments for startups and entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia with their annual tech conference, Techsauce Global Summit. (https://summit.techsauce.co)


世界のトレンドが集結するプロマガジン。コントロールド・サーキュレーションシステムを日本に初めて持ち込んで創刊されたのは1997年。長年に渡り『NAB デイリーニュース』を編集発行するチームは北米南米、アジア、中国、ヨーロッパ各地に渡り、本社は数百種類のマガジンを発行。


vfxblog.com is the website of Sydney-based visual effects and animation journalist Ian Failes. Here, Ian collects links and summaries of various articles he has written for different industry publications, along with a wealth of original reporting on the making of the latest feature films, plus an on-going series of ‘retro’ visual effects stories on landmark projects in VFX history.


VRonWEBMEDIA(https://vron.jp/)は、VR / AR / MRなどのXRはもちろん、AI、CG、CPS、IoT、ブロックチェーンなど最先端技術に関する話題を、独自の視点で国内・国外を問わずお届けします。最新ニュースを中心に、取材記事・インタビュー・コラムなどを随時掲載しています。ぜひお越しください。
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