Computer Animation Festival - Electronic Theater - PreShow: AI DJ Project - A dialog between human and AI through music

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Date: Wednesday, December 5th
Time: 4:15pm - 5:00pm
Venue: Hall C (4F, C Block)

Summary: “AI DJ Project” is a live performance featuring an Artificial Intelligence (AI) DJ playing alongside a human DJ. Utilizing various deep neural networks, the software(AI DJ) selects vinyl records and mixes songs. Playing alternately, each DJ selects one song at a time, embodying a dialogue between the human and AI through music. DJ-ing “Back to Back” serves as a critical investigation into the unique relationship between humans and machines. **To be able to attend the Opening Pre-show of Computer Animation Festival, you will have to purchase the Wednesday, 05 December 2018, 5.00PM session Ticket. The Opening Pre-show will commence at 4.15PM followed by the 5.00PM Electronic Theater session. You can still attend the Electronic Theater if you cannot make it for the Opening Pre-show.

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