Khronos Group Open Standards for 3D, AR/VR and Machine Learning

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Date: Tuesday, December 4th
Time: 9:30am - 6:00pm
Venue: G602 (6F, Glass Building)
Session Chair(s):

3D Graphics and Virtual Reality with Vulkan and OpenXR

Abstract: Learn more about Khronos' open standard native APIs for 3D and Virtual Reality inlcuding Vulkan and OpenXR. Includes Vulkan best practices, how to use HLSL, memory and heaps and subgroups. Hear how Basemark uses Vulkan to drive optimal performance in their Rocksolid Engine

Authors/Presenter(s): Ashley Smith, AMD
Teemu Virolainen, Basemark
Neil Trevett, NVIDIA
Nuno Subtil, NVIDIA
Hai Nguyen, Google

Session Break


Authors/Presenter(s): NA NA, NA

WebGL: Latest Techniques

Abstract: How to use the new features of WebGL 2.0 to bring advanced user experiences and applications to a browser near you!

Authors/Presenter(s): Neil Trevett, NVIDIA
Xavier Ho, CSIRO's Data61
Juan Miguel de Joya, United Nations International Telecommunication Union
Mike Alger, Google
Germain Ruffle, Google

glTF: Efficient 3D Models

Abstract: Get updated on the increasingly popular glTF file format for real-time transmission of advanced 3D objects and scenes, Learn how glTF lets you compress your 3D files - including the upcoming Universal Compressed Texture Transmission Format

Authors/Presenter(s): Neil Trevett, NVIDIA
Mark Callow, NA

Japanese Greeting

Abstract: Reasons to join Khronos

Authors/Presenter(s): Hitoshi Kasai, NA

Standards for machine learning, inferencing and vision acceleration: NNEF, OpenVX and OpenCL

Abstract: Introduction to how emerging standards for machine learning and vision processing are fighting industry fragmentaion and enabling low-cost smart devices and applications

Authors/Presenter(s): Neil Trevett, NA



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